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How We Help

At Tampa Estate Sales, we conduct estate sales throughout the Tampa Bay area and across the state of Florida.

Hiring an estate sale company can be extremely beneficial for family members who do not have the time or capacity to liquidate an estate on their own, for those who live outside of Florida and find themselves in need of liquidating an estate, or for attorneys and/or executors who are charged with liquidating an estate. The dedicated team at Tampa Estate Sales can execute a professional and lucrative estate sale and leave your property empty, broom clean and ready to be marketed, thus significantly easing your burden and reducing your stress.

As Tampa Bay’s largest estate sale company, Tampa Estate Sales will provide you with the professional treatment and courtesy that you deserve. Most importantly, there are never any fees associated with our liquidations, since we only earn a commission on the sales that we generate. Thus, you will be assured that we will be working hard for you throughout the liquidation process.

Are you thinking about an estate sale?

We offer our clients full-service, from an initial consultation to a broom-clean house in as little as 2-3 weeks.

Is a licensed auction your solution?

Clients in out-of-the-way areas, with a packed estate, or with specialty items often benefit from our licensed auction services.

What is an Estate Sale?

An estate sale is where one empties a home in order to put it on the market. Estate sales differ from garage sales and yard sales in that, during an estate sale, the entire contents of a home, including automobiles, boats, etc., are sold.  The hiring of a professional estate sale company can greatly reduce the burden associated with emptying the contents of a house. In fact, preparing a home, advertising for and holding a sale, and then emptying and cleaning out a house after the sale is complete, often takes 2-3 weeks and is very labor intensive. For more information about estate sales run by Tampa Estate Sales click here.

 Things to Remember:

  • There are never any fees associated with our liquidations, since we only earn a commission on the sales that we generate.
  • We conduct estate liquidations throughout the entire state of Florida, including the areas in and surrounding Miami, Naples, Orlando, Gainesville, Tallahassee and Jacksonville. No liquidation is too large in scope and no items are too difficult for us to sell. We regularly sell cars, boats, collections of jewelry and fine art, etc., etc.
  • We only use third party appraisers in order to avoid any conflicts of interest. Beware of estate liquidators that value your items themselves.
  • We are licensed and insured. Many of our competitors are not. Do yourself a favor and ensure that any estate liquidation company that you hire is both.

At Tampa Estate Sales, we can help you with your liquidation needs while maintaining the honesty and integrity that characterizes our company.

For more information, please call us at 813-416-1360 or email us at TampaEstateSales@aol.com today.