Question: What do I need to do before I hire you?

Answer: NOTHING. You don’t have to lift a finger, and that is the best circumstance for both of us. This takes the stress and work of preparing the estate off of you, and it allows us to determine what should be sold and what should otherwise be disposed of. Oftentimes, a family will throw out/donate/etc. what they think has no value, when what they have removed from the estate is exactly what our buyers are looking for. Clothes, smaller items, old tools and kitchen appliances, etc. are all desirable to some buyers, so if you leave them in place we will make sure that we will sell them if we can. That way, we will both make more money.

Question: What sells at an estate sale? I don’t have a lot of “antiques.”

Answer: Everything sells at an estate sale, from antique to modern, large to small. We have liquidated older homes and newer homes, homes that are full of antiques and homes that don’t have a one. May buyers comes to estate sales to buy the basics and household goods, so if that is what your estate is comprised of, then please call us. Additionally, we’ve sold car collections, boats, barns full of tools and tractors, collections of all kinds, you name it. We can find a buyer for everything – it’s what we do, so don’t hesitate to call us and get a professional opinion on your estate.

Question: Am I allowed to keep what I want from my estate?

Answer: Of course, these are your things and we don’t want you to have any regrets regarding something that you believe that you should have kept and now miss.

Question: Where do you conduct sales?

Answer: Our name is Tampa Estate Sales because Tampa is where we got our start all those years ago, but we conduct sales throughout Florida.

Question: How does your company advertise?

Answer: We use all of the methods that are available to advertise because the more people that come to your sale, the more money that you will make. We advertise on our website, in the newspaper, on online sites that cater to estate sale buyers, through an email blast before the sale that reaches over 5,000 potential buyers, via street signs on the days of the sale, and we even use a sign spinner to draw traffic. In short, we have the most comprehensive advertising of all of the estate sale companies in Florida.