About Estate Sales

At Tampa Estate Sales, our typical estate sale is an in-home sale that lasts three days in duration, with patrons visiting on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The estate sale process starts with an initial consultation, which is always free, discreet, and conversational. Once you decide to work with Tampa Estate Sales, we set a date for the sale and begin preparing the premises. All estate sales are advertised to afford the sale the exposure necessary to bring in motivated buyers. Most importantly, our years of building relationships throughout Tampa Bay ensure a reliable network of patrons for your sale.

The dedicated and professional staff at Tampa Estate Sales will manage all aspects of pricing and display, often finding the hidden potential in forgotten items. Our friendly team also remains on site during the sale, available to customers to answer questions while enforcing security on the premises.

A very important fact to be aware of is that we are full-service, meaning the family won’t have to lift a finger throughout the entire liquidation process. This includes providing us an inventory, packing, moving, storage, cleaning out the house after the sale, etc. We will handle the entire liquidation with the goal of relieving the stress of this process from the family entirely. When someone contracts with us, they will get the most money for their items and their house will be totally empty post-sale. There is a lot of money tied up in everyday items, and to that end we will sell everything that we can. In this way we ensure that the family receives every dollar that we can generate for them.

Our estate sales can take as long or short a time as our clients desire. If a quick turn-around is necessary, then we can conduct a sale that very same week. If the estate is comprised of items that require a longer marketing period, then we can make sure that they get the right advertising. An appropriate time period to conduct a sale can be decided upon once we view the estate and have a chance to speak with the family. Of course, there is never any charge for an in-person consultation.

At Tampa Estate Sales, we are dedicated to maximizing the value of your estate while ensuring a smooth and professional estate liquidation. Finally, we will leave your premises empty and broom clean so you can remain totally free from the hassles of an often stressful situation.

For more information, please call us at 813-416-1360 or email us at TampaEstateSales@aol.com today.