“Tampa Estate Sales is an institution when it comes to estate liquidations in Florida. I and my fellow realtors use them exclusively for estate sales large & small. Due to their professionalism, honesty, integrity, and plain hard work, there is no other estate sale company that we would even consider calling. We have used Tampa Estate Sales many, many times over the years and couldn’t be happier with the ongoing results.”

Greg W.
Coldwell Banker
Tampa, FL

“Our family has lived in Tampa since the late 1800s. Upon the passing of our mother, we found ourselves with a large Bayshore Boulevard home that was packed with valuable antiques, fine art, jewelry and collectibles. Since my two sisters and I are all professionals and busy, we didn’t have the time or expertise to handle this overwhelming task ourselves. Furthermore, we were under a tight timeframe that was set by the probate court in order to empty and sell the house so that the estate could be settled (I was the executor). Within the first fifteen minutes of meeting with Tampa Estate Sales, we knew that we had called the right company. Their representative assured us that they could handle the job, which was over 8,000 square-feet of house; had outside appraisers on call that could identify and price the most valuable items, and; could have the house totally emptied prior to closing. They were good to their word as the sale went off without a hitch and they had the house ready for the new owner immediately after the sale. I can’t recommend Tampa Estate Sales enough. If you hire them, then you are hiring the best.”

Kim W.
Tampa, FL

“To call my parents collectors would be an understatement. From vintage cars to antiques to who knows what, they had it all! My siblings and I always dreaded the day that we would have to pull boxes out of closets, sort through cedar chests, and clean and organize fifty years of stuff. Not to mention the garage! Tampa Estate Sales, and especially Dave, tackled this job with unbelievable energy and did what we would have thought would take six month in two weeks. I never saw the house so clean and organized, and I didn’t have to deal with a bit of it! They even told me to leave the trash that was already at the house for them…that they would take care of it. How’s that for service?!”

Cheryl M.
Gainesville, FL

“Honestly, I thought that the estate that I needed to liquidate was too small for an estate sale company to be interested in, but Tampa Estate Sales had a solution for me. They were fast, reliable, and responsive, and treated my job like the other larger estates that they were working on. All this, and I received the benefit of their knowledge and the peace of mind of their insurance, which put me at ease. It was great to work with them.”

Julie S.
Indianapolis, IN

“When I first began the process of calling estate sale companies, I felt like a lot of who I was talking to were people who did this as a pastime or on the side. Then I called you and “Wow,” what a difference. I knew that I was dealing with the professionals as soon as we began talking. You had my parents’ house cleaned out in a flash, a check in my hand for more money than I ever thought their things would bring, and the sale of the house was being closed before I knew it. Great job, keep up the good work, and look for referrals from me.”

Robert L.
Miami, FL

“The amount of knowledge that Tampa Estate Sales has at their disposal about all sorts of items is just staggering. My parents lived in a large home in Ocala and gathered so many things of a varied nature over their lifetimes. My mother loved French furniture, bronzes, and anything feminine. My father filled his office with scientific contraptions and his workshop with tools of every kind. Astonishingly, this company had outside experts for every item, and it didn’t cost me a cent! I know that we did so much better by handing my parents’ sale over to the experts, and for that I am so grateful.”

Suzanne G.
Tampa, FL

“You sold every one of my mother’s water pitchers. 400 of them! And who knew water pitchers could be worth so much. I’m taking the money and going on vacation!” *Editor’s Note: All 400 pitchers weren’t very valuable, but two were, and that’s where we add value. There are plenty of prepared buyers out there looking for a good deal. We prepare you as sellers, and that’s one of the reasons why people who want to maximize the proceeds of their estate sales hire us. Those two nondescript looking water pitchers sold for $5,500, and could have easily been someone’s great score if we hadn’t been involved.

Rachael M.
Tampa, FL

“Thank you SO MUCH for handling my father’s estate sale! I wouldn’t have known where to begin. Your staff was completely professional during the entire time, they walked me through the process from start to finish, and they even gathered and gave me the personal mementos that I had missed. They were SO SWEET! Thanks again!”

Crystal S.
Hagerstown, MD

“I knew that I was going to call an estate sale company as soon as I sorted through that first box, and I am so glad that it was you who I called. There was no way that I was going to organize a 4 bedroom home full of my parents things, so many of which hadn’t been used in years, especially in Florida. You made this process so easy on us and for that we will remain forever thankful. Keep up the good work.”

Barbara S.
Lansing, MI